All you need to know about primer by the celebrity makeup artist Hala Ajam !

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Prime Time

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about primers lately, and although I had written earlier about MAC’s Prep + Prime , I’m back with another quick blog to explain to you ladies what primer is all about and why it can be important.


The Story of Primer

Think of primer as a pre-foundation base. It’s the product you would need to prepare your skin for foundation. The problem is that, by the end of the day, a lot of women would complain that they feel their foundation is melting off their face, well, a primer’s job is to make sure this does not happen. Keep this in mind, a good primer’s job is to flatten out the creases in your face, smooth out pores, and help hold your makeup together for longer.


Less Is More

Remember the less is more concept, it applies with primers as well. Less is more means you don’t need to use a lot of the product, a little bit is all you need. You can place small drops of the fluid under your eyes, on your nose, and on your forehead. Start off at the center and with your fingertips; work the drops of primer towards the rest of your face. Massage your face well with it. Remember, you are creating the perfect base for your foundation, so make sure you achieve full coverage.

primer application

need to cover the whole of your face with your primer, so it is always ideal to start with the primer hot spots: your nose, your forehead, your cheeks, and chin.

Make the Right Choice

There’s a ton of primers to choose from, but normally I go for MAC’s Prep + Prime, it evens out skin redness, takes care of oily skin, and creates a perfect base for foundation.

Of course, you can also choose Smashbox’s Photo Finish.


MAC’s Prep + Prime is super-fluid and silicone-based. It helps soothe your skin and blur out your blemishes. Prep + Prime also comes in yellow and green tints


Smashbox’s Photo Finish smoothes out your skin, absorbs oil, and gives you a photo-ready look! It comes in different shades for different types of skin.

Tints and Textures

Remember ladies, there are always a lot of choices, and you need to know the function of every primer before you use it. Green-tinted primers neutralize redness, dark primers help darken your foundation color. Water-based primer is always a better choice for oily skin rather than silicon-based.

Hala Ajam Primer Tints Yellow Green Pink

Know your color wheel. Primers are tinted for a purpose, keep in mind what it is you are trying to achieve when picking out the right tint. Pink-tinted primers give off a rosy glow, while green tints counteract redness and yellow primers neutralize your skin tone.

Know your makeup! It’s very important. I hope I helped you understand your primer better and answered your questions. Consider this your Primer 101. Anything to add? Ask me below!

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