On March 8, 2016 Ajam launched an online emoji campaign depicting all types of women by including a veiled emoji.

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Hala Ajam Releases First Veiled Emoji

by | March 2016
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Beirut, Lebanon, March 9, 2016 (Newswire.com) - To celebrate International Women’s Day, renowned Lebanese makeup artist Hala Ajam took to social media a new ideal for portraying women in the Arab World.

On March 8, 2016 Ajam launched an online emoji campaign depicting all types of women by including a veiled emoji. The campaign brought together different women that come from different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds, adding the veiled emoji to the existing ones to complete the list. She posted a picture on her social media account showing a white woman, a black woman, a tan woman, a brunette, a blonde, a woman with black hair, and a veiled woman. The campaign aimed to accentuate the importance of the veiled woman in the community alongside the others, and should not be ignored.

As for the reason why Ajam decided to convey this message with an emoji, she noted that it’s a language that everyone understands.

She also posted a second picture with the emojis of a female cop, a female detective, a female doctor, and a female astronaut, with the caption “There’s nothing a man can contribute to the world, that a woman never will.”