MAC Trends AW 2016 from Berlin by Hala Ajam.

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MAC Trends AW 2016 from Berlin!

by | July 2016
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This year, makeup is about discipline. Even when it’s meant to be fun, makeup is still about control. Precision. Accuracy. That’s what I love about MAC.


To showcase the razor sharp trends of A/W 2016, MAC recently held a three-day event in none other than Berlin, a global capital of art, innovation, and unrestrained creativity.  I really have to say, I was extremely humbled to be the only makeup artist from the Middle East to attend the event, not only because MAC has always been a great friend and favored brand, but because I felt so at home with the trends and visions being disused at the event. What a rich and inspirational experience it was…



The theme was simple: whether we are talking dreamy, loud, surreal looks, or simpler, more defined, detailed makeup application, the way to get there is always the same. Show that you can do more with less—be precise and straight to the point; and most importantly, be authentic and disciplined. That’s what makes a look stand out.



Whether we are going for graphic and glamorous  or natural and toned down looks, the key is finding the balance of “just about right.” And that takes discipline and precision.

My absolute favorite out of the many themes that the artists discussed and showcased was the Loose theme. It’s about mixing natural with urban—creating and perfecting a glamorous look that is rooted in reality rather than fantasy. I always aim for achieving this aesthetic in my personal work. For such looks, good skin is very important, a fact I always stress, which is why we always need to take care of our complexions, but also, honoring the skin by toning down acts of contouring and shaping—bringing out the individual in each face. I love it. 


The use of elements like pearlescent eyeshadow, smudged eyeliner and earthy colors, ranging from nude looks to worn-out day-after glamour, the looks really resonate with a type of beauty that’s closer to real.


But it’s not only toned down, neutral looks that are trending. I want to share some tips on bold looks that are in next season. I learned that inky dark lips are back in style for A/W, which is always natural for the season. However, the way to upgrade the harsh, vampy look this time around, would be to use lipglass over the lip after the color has been applied. It gives a glossy, modern look to the lip while still maintaining the element of sharpness and precision.


From matte to glass, this little trick turns the traditionally vampy lip fresh and vibrant. Look created first with Mahogany Lip Pencil before it is layered with the mirrored Lip Glass.


Another modern interpretation of a classical trend I found useful and which I believe a lot of my readers can try at home is to go graphic on the eyes and follow an elongated shape. The idea is to merge the aesthetics of the eyeliner with that of the eyeshadow to create a hazy, surreal bold eye. The shape may be sharp but the trick is to go for diffused and soft with subtle layering and overall texturing to keep a little mystique alive.


This particular look was created by the smooth Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick—an artistic pencil shadow, but then softened up even further by using MAC’s Carbon Eyeshadow for ethereal layering.


I have to say that this experience was extremely unforgettable, I would like to thank the hard-working and always so impressive MAC team for putting this together, for graciously inviting me, and for always furthering this pioneering brand. I’d like you all to stay tuned for some products that are dropping soon from MAC in order to make these trends easier to work with. Thank you!  

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