Hala Ajam discusses the power of nude, natural makeup.

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The Future is Nude

by | July 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial
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If you’re keeping up with my Instagram account , you'll notice that I've been getting some commentary about creativity. “But Hala, why are you always using the same colors? Where is the creativity?”


Makeup can serve a million purposes: it can be for a fashion show, a music video, an editorial shoot, a wedding, a cocktail, a formal dinner, or a graduation. Like everything in life, you need to have a target with makeup. You wouldn’t find Beyonce wearing an outfit from her world tour while she’s taking her daughter out for a walk, and you wouldn’t find me mixing candy colors on your eyes if you are going to a brunch with your in-laws. It’s all about the target.

Real-life VS Art

When it comes to editorial shoots and advertising, I love to let my artistic side go mad. I love to experiment with color and texture, simply because the model in the picture is not real. She is a canvas, and the final photograph will be an artwork. Ladies, you need to know that this model is not what you are meant to be.

I have been paying a lot of attention to MAC’s catwalk trends, and as you can see, the looks are all highly artistic and surreal, because it’s a fashion show. The makeup needs to be a character as much as the couture

I have been paying a lot of attention to MAC’s catwalk trends, and as you can see, the looks are all highly artistic and surreal, because it’s a fashion show. The makeup needs to be a character as much as the couture

artistic makeup

When it comes to the editorial shoots I work on for Laha, or my personal artistic looks, I am always thinking about the concept, what is the mood we are trying to create, and how can the makeup help create that mood. It can be colorful, dark, dramatic, fun, but most of the time it has to be slightly exaggerated to explain this mood

I want you, however, to leave my makeup studio feeling like yourself, and not like another woman you saw in a magazine – who was, by the way, photoshopped to death. This is why, ladies, most of the time I stick to earthy, nude palettes when it comes to makeup.

The Power of Nude

Keep one thing in mind; most Arabs have a yellow undertone in their complexion. Brown shades are perfect for that because they blend especially well, and they enhance the natural color. Less is more, the subtler the colors look like on your skin, the less artificial you will look, and thus, more natural and more beautiful.

The point of the colors I always use is to mimic your natural tones and enhance them. All around the world, if you look at the trends, makeup is shifting towards the natural. Gone are the days when makeup’s job was to change what you look like, now is the time for makeup to act as an additive to your natural gifts and, very subtly, enhance any minor imperfections.

Let’s See…

There are lots of nude palettes from some of my favorite brands, so you always have the freedom to check out the products.

I’ve written about the Bronze Goddess collection by Estee Lauder not too long ago, you can read my review on it if you follow this link. It’s a sexy, summery collection that relies on creating a natural, tanned look to bring out a sensual goddess in you. All its tones are subtle and earthy, and they complement your natural complexion perfectly.


Its name doesn’t lie, the collection really turns you into a smoking bronze goddess

Nectar + Nude by Bobbi Brows is another palette I had written about earlier. Its shadows range from pale cream to rich caviar, all of which are natural, earthy colors.

nectar and nude

Last but not least, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette  is another set of shadows I think are perfectly natural. It comes with twelve bronze-hued neutrals.


So, at the end of the day, going nude is not so bad. Nude might as well be what the world is heading to: simple, minimal, natural. Always remember that you need to be comfortable with yourself in natural makeup, otherwise, trust me, you won’t be happy with any look you go with. Embrace your natural tones and your features and learn how to work around them to create a look that screams individuality!


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