Are you getting enough beauty sleep? Hala Ajam thinks, maybe not so much!

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Sleeping Beauty: Change Up Your Beauty Routine by Getting More Sleep!

by | June 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial
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January is always a month of fresh starts, do-overs, and commitments to our resolutions. Which is why I have really been stressing on making sure my readers are well-equipped with ways to enhance their beauty regimen and learn about the importance of maintenance. I've said this several times so far; maintaining a good routine is key when it comes to maintaining beauty.

Sleep is a primal factor in your routine. It's essential namely because it's exactly what helps your body re-generate and rejuvenate. A large number of ladies will sacrifice precious hours of sleep either because they're workaholics or partiers,   but the truth of the matter is, sleep is not something that can be sacrificed. Not only is the myth of "sleep debt" in fact a scientific reality, but lack of sleep can give off debilitating symptoms that will interfere with the way you go about your normal, everyday activities. And of course, sleep is beneficial to making sure your beauty remains in check!

Do a pseudo-spa routine before going to bed. If you'd read my blog on how to mimic a spa in your own bathroom, you'd definitely have a few tips in mind on how you can pamper yourself before going to bed. Soaking in a nice warm bath and leaving behind the stresses and tensions of the day is a perfect way to get yourself ready for bed. If you're in Jordan, or have someone flying in from there, I suggest you get some Dead Sea salts, they're so good for you. You can also pass by Lush in Beirut Souks and pick from a tremendous array of bubble baths! Treat yourself to that, it'll get you ready for bed in no time and is a great routine.

Head over to my At-Home Spa blog and check out these great products for exfoliation and moisturizing!



Lush's natural, handmade products are soothing, fun, and great for you!

Moisturize well, it's very important to lock in that moisture before going to bed. I've dished about a few great moisturizers that are fit for different types of skin in my Skin Myths blog earlier, so be sure to browse through and pick the creams that are best for your skin type.

Clear Your Face! As I had mentioned in my previous installment of the #SinSeries blogs, sleeping with your makeup on is terrible for your complexion. Before going to bed, you need to make sure your face is spotless. Leaving any trace of makeup on it will harm it and speed up the aging process, leaving behind unwanted wrinkles.




Eye Cream is fabulous for de-puffing and diminishing dark circles under your eyes, so make sure you've got a good eye cream on your nightstand to dab your eyes with before going to bed. I've written previously about the right and wrong ways to apply your eye cream -



Don't Text and Sleep  - having your smartphone nearby is not very smart of you. Texting endlessly before bed not only urges you to procrastinate before you actually decide to sleep, but it hypes up the brain and causes insomnia a lot of the times. Put your phone away, get an alarm clock, and read a nice book before going to bed to ease your sleeping process.

More Tips...

Make sure your room is as dark as possible before going to bed. Stay out of brightly-lit bathrooms shortly before you sleep so your body can start adjusting itself.

Ditch caffeine entirely a few hours before your bedtime (Some experts advise up to 4-6 hours before!) Also eating - at least 2-3 hours before you sleep.


Are you getting enough sleep?




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