As part of her Sin Series, Hala Ajam discusses skincare sins you’re definitely guilty of!

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Sin Series Part 1: You’re Definitely Committing these Skin Sins!

by | June 2015
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After doing a lot of research and coming in contact with a lot of common mistakes that ladies are always guilty of in their beauty regimen, I have decided to launch a bunch of blogs under the title “The Sin Series” where I will be personally making sure you do not commit the beauty sins I’ll be dishing out!

Clear skin is not just about beauty; it’s about health. Healthy skin reflects a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to the winter season, you need to pay extra attention to your skin. The sins I’m sure you’re guilty of are:

  1. Dipping Your Finger in the Moisturizer Case with Unclean Hands!

A lot of ladies keep a portable moisturizer with them at all times. But you always need to keep in mind that if you’re out and about, your hands are, more often than not, laced with bacteria, be super careful: dipping your finger into your jar of skincare formula will transmit this bacteria into it! Always make sure your hands are super clean before moisturizing. You can use a spoon to make sure you don’t get into contact with the jar itself.

Quick Tip: Sanitizer is a great way to stay clean, but if your hands are visibly dirty, it won’t do the trick, be careful!

      2. Popping Your Zits!


No, no, and no! This is a total sin when it comes to your skincare routine. Popping a pimple not only spreads the infection under your skin, but also turns your zit into an open wound in the middle of your face waiting to get infected. It also leaves behind unwanted scarring and you definitely don’t want that. Using steam to get rid of dirt and oils is a great way to relieve your skin of acne. You can also go for products like Clinque’sAnti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, which help clear out dirt and oils as well as unclog pores and clear out and prevent acne. It might be a bit too harsh on your skin if you’re sensitive, but don’t worry there are tons of alternatives on the shelf.


Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam is a great cleanser that helps clear out acne.


Kiehl’s has a great preparation, the Blue Herbal Moisturizer, an oil-free moisturizer that goes into your pores and clears out acne blemishes, helping your skin to heal. It’s fast-absorbed and gives your skin a lovely matte finish.


Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer is a great preparation for good skin.


I’ll be talking about more beauty don’ts, which I’m sure you’re committing, so stay tuned for part 2 of my Sin Series blogs!



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