Must know trick to hide eye bags and dark circles , by Hala Ajam.

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Lose Your Eye Bags Without Concealer

by | June 2015
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Caffeine, lack of sleep, countless hours in front of a PC screen, high sodium intake – the list goes on. There are tons of factors that contribute every single day to creating those unflattering, pesky bags under your eyes.


A lot of ladies will try to cover up their bags with concealer. Big mistake! As you all ay have read in my Concealer 101  blog, you will have learned that concealer attracts and reflects light. Smearing it on your puffy eye bag is like placing a neon sign saying “look at my eye bags!” The real trick to counteract your eye bags with makeup? You might be very surprised.

Shadows Hide Flaws

You can start off by using concealer under your bags. I normally recommend yellow-based concealer, which masks redness. Peach concealer counteracts blues and grays if you’ve got dark circles.

But that’s half the job. The real secret is eye shadow. Use eye shadow under your lower lash line. Then smudge it with a darker one close to the lash line for dimensions. What will happen is that the mix of shadows will deceivingly shrink the eye bags, making them look less puffy and noticeable.


Countering the Issue

You can always learn to reduce your eye bags by;

  1. Sleeping for a good 8 hours a night
  2. Always cleansing your skin before going to bed
  3. Using cold spoons or cold water on the bags
  4. Skipping that cigarette
  5. Never leaving the house without sunscreen
  6. Staying hydrated

And there you have it, I’ve busted another one of your myths and given you some alternatives – would you try my technique?

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