The biggest mascara myth you should stop doing now !

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Myth Buster: Mascara Pumping

by | June 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial
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 I’m about to deliver some bad news to some of the ladies out there!


A lot of women have the misconception that before they apply mascara, they need to pump the wand (and very aggressively, might I add!) first.

This, my readers, is a huge makeup myth and I’m about to bust it.

The Myth, Busted

When you pump the wand, what happens is that you force air bubbles into the container. And that’s bad for two main reasons. First, that could cause you mascara to dry out much faster and that’s definitely not what you want. Not only that, but forcing air into the tube can help any germs that latch onto the brush to multiply inside. You don’t want to cause any infections or reactions for the future, so let’s avoid that.

Quick Tips

  1. Pull. When you want to pull out the wand, instead of pumping it, move it gently around inside the tube.
  2. Apply.Always start from the base of the lashes—the mascara on the roots gives the illusion of length. Swipe up the brush wiggling left-and-right as you go.
  3. Cleanse. Make sure you remove the mascara before going to bed with a gentle eye makeup remover  using a cotton buds. Be gentle on the eye, then wash your face, don't leave the make up remover on the eyes,  it's not healthy.
  4. Trash. Are your expiration dates in check? Throw out your old mascaras to protect your eyes from irritations or infections! I usually give it a life-time of 3 months only as of the day I open it - write the date on it!
  5. Purchase. Make sure you don't buy a mascara that the sales person opens for you. It happened to me once in the airport, it's a bad habit we have in the Middle East. Make sure the mascara is sealed and  untouched, we don't want any reactions or irritations!



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