Online drama is the worst - Hala Ajam speaks about leading a drama-free online existence!

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No Drama!

by | August 2015
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I need to be honest. The internet seems to be stressing me out far more than helping me unwind and relax. Like a lot of people I like to log onto social media at night after a long day of work to reconnect with friends, see what everyone is up to, read about what’s going on, and watch some funny videos – who doesn’t?


But the amount of negativity online has made the whole experience much more stressful than it should be.


Exhibit A: Shameless Selfies


So much narcissism, so much vanity, what’s happening? Hey, I enjoy the occasional selfie as much as the next person, but selfie-addiction has turned into a horrible disease. Instagram has become a place where shallowness and fakeness get you more likes. Even Kim Kardashian released a book on her selfies titles Selfish - #whatishappeningtotheworld?

Exhibit B: Judgment Panels

So now, everyone’s a judge. Apparently, sitting behind your smartphone or computer screen gives you authority to harshly criticize and judge others. You all know I work with a lot of celebrities – so I occasionally like to check on their social media platforms. The amount of judgment they get is surreal. Instead of someone being constructive (“I don’t like this dress on you, I wish you chose something more flattering”), comments are most of the time just plain harsh (“You look like a cow!”).


Let me be honest. There was a phase when I stopped posting “Before/After” shots of my clients transformations because people’s criticisms became hateful and hurtful. Instead f complimenting natural beauty or the power of makeup, people were criticizing the way my clients looked like before their transformation, with sexist, racist, and hateful commentary. That hurt me and a lot of my dear clients.


Exhibit C: Hateful Comments

People talk to each other with such negativity. Check out the YouTube comments, please. Two people cannot agree on a single thing, or better yet, discuss their differences. It can start off with “I don’t like this song” and someone will retaliate with “shut up, your mom is fat!” Way to go! You really showed him with this one!


Are We Living in a Show?

It got me thinking. Everyone now is so careful about what they do because it feels like you’re constantly performing in front of an audience and a bunch of judges. What happened to being natural, spontaneous? This has been causing everyone unneeded anxiety.



Block, block, block!

The way I deal with it? I block it out. I know a lot of you are suffering from the same type of frustration at being around so much negativity all the time. Block it out! Literally! You can block and un-follow anyone who brings any stress into your life. We don’t need to feed into that! #NoDrama! How do you deal with it?


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