Do’s and Don’ts for your First Date

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Three Do’s and Don’ts for your First Date!

by | July 2015
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A lot of ladies will get anxious on their first date and overdo their makeup to impress. Well, you’re doing it wrong – way wrong! Surely you’ve got butterflies and want to look your best, but you need to keep three words in mind: keep it real!


As I’ve mentioned, your brows need to follow the natural arch of your eye socket. DON’T go against the shape and try to create something that looks unnatural. DO clen out your brows sparingly and fill them in naturaly, don’t overdo anything – you can read all about how to achieve this look here .

  • Eyes that Speak

Your eyes can do a lot of talking – they define the charm and character in your personality. So it’s very important to not hide those eyes. DON’T go for heavy eye makeup and a lot of shadow. DO consider some eyeliner. If used wisely, it can give you a seductive look without trying too hard, just click over to my Grad Glam blog and read about my eyeliner secrets.

  • Crystal Clear

Making sure you have a clear, flawless complexion is very important. DON’T go for heavy blushers, rather focus on attaining a soft, natural complexion. DO take a look at my Flawless Skin blogand follow 4 quick steps that can get your skin to look absolutely effortless.

Surely enough a first date is daunting and nerve-wracking. But let me tell you this: follow my quick tips and don’t obsess about changing or masking anything within your features. You need to look fresh and natural, not overdone. Less is more, I can’t say that enough!

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