Reshape your Jaw using Hala Ajam's revolutionary makeup secrets , from contouring to highlighting !

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Contouring Your Jaw Line

by | June 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial , Makeup
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When you know your way around your face, applying 3D techniques becomes very easy.



You always need to identify your face shape first before you think of reshaping your features. Remember that 3D is all about playing with light and creating illusions within your natural features. It’s all about subtle correction by using two techniques; contouring and highlighting.

Round Face

A round face is defined by a circular jawline. It arches softly and has no angles. What you want to go for is a bit of an elongated look with your jaw, which is why it’s ideal to apply a two-shades-darker concealer along the edges of your face. Let it sweep from your temples down to your jawline to give a slimming illusion. Complement that by using a lighter concealer on your chin.


Square Face

If you’ve got a squarish face, you’ll want to take the edge of the angularity of your jaw line, which is why you need to keep in mind that your contouring should pull your jaw in. You can achieve this by applying the dark concealer from the outer corner of your hairline and stroke it inwards towards your cheekbones.


Heart Shaped

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, then you’ve typically got high cheekbones and a small chin. Think about contouring the depth right under your cheekbones and blend that in with your hairline. A pop of highlighting on your chin will give it a little more size.


Diamond Shape

A diamond shaped face is wide and very angular. Cheekbones are perfect but your only concern is to shorten the face. Start your contouring from your hairline, down to your jawline, and let it set at the bottom of your cheek – that way you’ve minimized the width of your face and shortened it slightly.


Oblong Shape

An oblong or rectangular face needs contouring attention mostly on the jawline area closest to the chin, just to pull that in a little, but stay away from the hairline. Focus on contouring a little under the cheekbones to get that depth, but your face shape doesn’t need more angularity.


These are quick tips to get an effortless 3D effect with your makeup. The most important thing is to always blend very, very well with your foundation. The trick is to look effortless and natural, so visible contour lines are something you need to avoid at all costs! Look in the mirror in natural light or take a selfie with flash – there are many ways to make sure you’ve nailed the 3D effect without looking like you’re trying too hard!

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