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Getting Nosy: Reshape Your Nose with these Quick Tips

by | June 2015
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As a makeup artist I encounter a lot of women who come up to me with insecurities about their noses—it’s the most common insecurity of all. My nose is too big is something we hear too often – and I’m positive a lot of the people reading this blog have probably thought the exact same thing at some point or the other.


The easy way out is a nose job – and we have witnessed a lot of ladies getting their noses done in Lebanon over the years. However, if you’re willing to reconsider before going under the knife, it’s good to know that your nose can be reshaped with a few quick makeup tips.


Let’s Get Nosy


  1. It’s All About the Eyes: Why not coat your lashes with heavy mascara for a dramatic effect? You can definitely go for my favorite mascara. A set of dazzling eyes can take the attention away from your nose if you’re insecure about it.
  2. Shadow Play: If you have a wide nose, you can easily make it look much narrower by playing with light – and this is where concealer comes into play (Read my Concealer basics here).
    1. Start off by using a concealer two shades darker than your normal skin tone on the two sides of your nose. They will help create a shadowy effect that will shrink it – also known as contouring.
    2. Use another concealer two shades darker than your natural tone on the bridge of the nose, all the way to the tip. This is highlighting. What you’ve just done is that you’ve reshaped the nose by playing with light and shadow, it’s a quick and easy illusory trick.
    3. Blend well with your foundation and no one will tell – it’ll be your little secret.


Narrowing a wide nose couldn’t be easier f you follow these quick tips.

  1. A Bit Goes a Long Way: If you’ve got a longer nose, use dark concealer on the tip of your nose and let it trail down to your septum. That way, you give the long nose an abrupt halt at the bottom.


You can shorten your long lose with a bit of dark concealer

  1. Blush-a-holic:Stay away from using blusher on your nose, if anything, use it on your cheeks and let them grab the attention.

You can also draw attention away from your nose by always wearing your hair in messy, voluminous locks – don’t go for straight, flat hair, it will make your features protrude.

At the end of the day, these are little tips and tricks. It’s all about the character. Whenever a woman complains about her nose I say: “Look at people like Sarah Jessica Parker, who have not done any surgery and are very happy with themselves.” A delightful character is worth much more than a perfectly chiseled nose, keep that in mind!

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