Tanned skin has never looked better - Hala Ajam dishes out a sexy bronze look for the last days of summer.

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Tan Lines

by | May 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial
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As we bid farewell to summer, I have one last look inspired by the season. Before I go ahead and list out the steps to get a bronzed-up, glazed-up summer look, I’d like to let all the ladies who worked hard getting a tan this summer know one thing. A good, glazy tan is actually very helpful when it comes to contouring – which is a technique I use in 3D makeup that helps define the face, so make use of your tanned complexion and let’s get to work;

Tanning helps in contouring for 3D Makeup


  1. It’s very important to start with primer. If you haven’t read my Prime Time blog, you can click here and you can get in on the importance of primer!
  2. Lay down the foundation and choose a shade that matches your skin tone, I cannot say this enough.
  3. Now it’s time to play with light: use Give Me Sun blush from MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. It comes in a rich, orangey, peachy color – it’s glossy, it’s summery, it’s sexy.

    MAC's Mineralize face powder, I'm reviewing it very soon!

  4. NARS’s Highlighting Blush comes next. What the highlighter does is that subtly contours, all the while reflecting light from the top-part of your cheeks – giving off a healthy glow. Go for a peach tone as well.

    Playing with light: Highlighting Blush gives you the summer gloss.

  5. The eyes say it all, we have a lot of blending to do so lay down the different shades! I used a rich, plum color which I blended through the crease to the outer corner of the eyes, and under the lower lash line. (By the way, you can go to my Grad Glam blog to look at the different parts of the eye, in case you’re ever confused)

The bronze look never goes out of style

  1. I went for a darker wine color in the crease as well, except for this time it blended it in the same direction as the previous color, except I let it droops a little bit lower to create dimension.
  2. Go for a cream nude-colored eye shadow on the moving eyelid.
  3. Inside the eye, black kohl that stretches all the way to the waterline – it helps create an elongation and a lift for the eye.
  4. Use a cream eyeliner in the blackest black you can find, and line your upper lash line with it, creating a short wing.
  5. Apply a full lash to give your eyes the high-drama effect that give this look its edge. Lots of mascara.
  6. Use the Soar lip pencil from MAC on the lips and blend well. It comes in a twiggy pink color.

    Soar - a buttery, dusty pink liner from MAC

  7. Blend two lipsticks from MAC on your lips – here I went for Kinda Sexy (a nice, petal pink) and Shy Girl (a tasty, mandarin orange color).

    MAC kinda Sexy Lipstick Hala Ajam

It's anything but shy - the Shy Girl shade is a daring, orangy color that looks great on tanned skin

It's anything but shy - the Shy Girl shade is a daring, orangey color that looks great on tanned skin

Defined cheekbones and an orangy lip are perfect for this look


So there you have it ladies, a smooth, bronzy look that puts your tan to the test!

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