Your life saving guide for bigger lips using simple makeup steps !

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Fuller Lips Without Any Surgery

by | June 2015
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Achieving a set of luscious, pouty lips is definitely on every lady's list almost any given day, and although not many of us are born with a pair like Angelina's, there are always little loopholes around our natural features that can help create the illusion of fuller lips.

So why not get started on my four tips on how to get full lips without getting near a needle!


1. Line it Up!

You really need to appreciate the magic of lip liner more often. Start off by lining the outer outline of your lips with the liner. I suggest you go with short, feathered strokes until you get both top and bottom lips lined.

Next up, you'll need to bleed the liner down to your lip—so it creates dimension leaving the center empty so it will look lighter and bigger. Go ahead and draw small strokes that follow the natural creases of your lips.


And then, you're ready to apply your lipstick!

2. Shimmer 

Another trick would be to get your lips to "catch the light". Any gold or silver-based shimmer at the center of your lips will give them a nice 3-D shape that makes them glow! Remember, don't overdo it. A drop of shimmer is all you need, just work it in the center after you've applied your lipstick and blend it very well. Shimmery lipsticks are great for this, I suggest going for Bobbi Brown’s Malt Shimmer or Beige Gold Shimmer – both are delicious, shimmery nudes that look great!


Bobbi Brown’s Malt Shimmer or Beige Gold Shimmer


3. Gloss!

Going for gloss is always a good option if you want to create the illusion of fuller lips. Gloss gives them that juicy, pouty look that will automatically upsize your lips without any fuss.Print

4. Go Light

A word of advice to all ladies with small or thin lips—stay away from dark colors. They constrain your lips. Instead, go for lighter spring colors, they'll give your lips a much fuller, more playful look and won't shrink them! I’d advise you to try out Clinique’s The Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick  or if you’re in the mood for something with a seductive pop, Rouge D’Armani should do the trick. Don’t forget to line your lips with my favorite lip pencil, MAC’s Soar .Print


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