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Your Guide to Fake Lashes  

by | June 2015
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Lashes are a girl's best friend - they accentuate the eye and give them a pop of glam, which is why a lot of ladies are obsessed with extending their natural lashes and will go for fake lashes that fulfill their desire for drama.

Why don't we look at the three main categories of fake lashes - shall we?


Single lashes are - as the name suggests - individual lashes that are applied on top of your natural ones - lash-by-lash. They don't draw too much attention to themselves because they're pretty subtle, but they need an insane amount of expertise and concentration, so always get a trusted beautician or makeup artist to apply your single lashes for you!

Full & Half

Full Lashes are very popular - but they also need expertise in application, otherwise they'll look too fake (like, say, a Halloween costume?) Half lashes are always a better option in my opinion. They're easy to apply and they simply accentuate the outer lid, making the lash line glide beautifully. They also get your eyes to open up effortlessly.

 Slick 'Em Up

Always make sure your lashes are mascara-free when applying fake lashes on top of them, or you could get in trouble. (By the way, I've taken care of some mascara myths in a previous blog - check it here)


Lash Extensions

A trend of lash extensions is catching on whereby ladies can weave an actual extension into their lashes that can last between two weeks and a month. I've been getting a lot of questions about that, and a lot of ladies ask why I don't do it at my own makeup studio. Well, the answer is simple.

1. Lash extensions need a lot of meticulous care. You will need to re-apply them occasionally because they will fall off.

2. Lash extensions are not healthy for your natural lashes. Your lashes need to "breathe" and secrete natural oils to stay in good shape.

3. A badly applied lash extension will look fake.

4. Lash extensions get people used to you looking a certain way. If you're out without them, they'll think something is wrong. You'll look sick and pale; you shouldn't get people used to something artificial.

This is why I'm always with regular fake lashes. They're fun, flirty, and feminine, and they do the trick. Another quick tip for you: I suggest you use Revitalash on your lashes to keep them long and strong!

Revitalash is a great product for maintaining your lashes and keeping them healthy

Revitalash is a great product for maintaining your lashes and keeping them healthy









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