Rosemin Manji opens up to her friend Hala Ajam, Juicy tips and tricks in this interview !

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Rosemin Manji, Be My Guest!

by | June 2015 | Celebrities , Editorial , Guests
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A good friend and ambitious and successful woman, Rosemin Manji has quickly made a name for herself in the world of luxury and PR. The Canadian-born businesswoman had set up her own bespoke management luxury firm in Dubai, RR&Co after having worked for Tom Ford himself, who had personally approached her during her early beginnings.



Rosemin has worked directly with brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Prada, and Louboutin (Who, by the way, created a shoe named after her  )

But she's not just a pretty face or a fashionista, Manji is a hard-headed, intelligent businesswoman who makes sure to put in as much work as she can. Now an influential entrepreneur, PR-ista, and TV host, the ever-inspiring Miss Manji is the latest guest on You can't read her words and not feel motivated!


Hala Ajam: When was the moment you realized that you could be an influential figure in the fashion world?

Rosemin Manji: In which ever job I had whether it was interning when I was in high school to working for designers I worked hard and gave it 100%. I truly believe that hard work, trust and loyalty pays off.

I am humbled that you think I am influential, whatever influence I do I have I strive for balance. I try and use my name to give awareness for charities I am involved in like Breast Cancer.


HA: Where would you be if you weren’t into fashion?

RM: It would definitely still be in the creative world maybe Television or music.


Manji wearing Ayesha Depala Photo by Mounette knoll


HA: How easy or difficult was it to move to Dubai? Do you remember making the decision?

RM: I had travelled here for holidays and I moved here for family reasons which was supposed to be for about 3 weeks which has ended up being 7 years! You have to be open to change and sometimes you don’t know where your life will take you. It was hard leaving London, but I absolutely love Dubai


HA: How do you hope to inspire young women who follow you?

RM: Be kind, Be Loyal and work hard. The industry is small and there is no room for snobby and mean people. If you want to be in the Fashion and Creative industry be there because you are passionate about it!

Rosemin Manji hosts a dinner for Silvia Fendi in Abu Dhabi. Rosemin Princess Ameerah and Silvia Fendi

Rosemin Manji hosts a dinner for Silvia Fendi in Abu Dhabi. Rosemin Princess Ameerah and Silvia Fendi


HA: What’s your advice for ladies who are self-conscious in the beauty and fashion departments and are too afraid to try anything new?

RM: I was like that once always afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I recommend to visit a beauty counter in the morning when the mall is quite and wear no makeup so you can really try something new.

Remember to always buy clothes for your body shape and lifestyle. Don’t get caught up with trends.


Also being based in Dubai where it's so hot my skin changes (from the extreme temperature) as well from the sun, so I usually have 2 foundations with me in texture and colour.

HA:Tell us about how you see the unbreakable relationship between makeup and fashion.

RM: Make up and fashion go hand in hand. When I was working a Gucci during show time it was so important how the hairstylist and makeup artist (for example) Pat McGrath executed the look and interpreted the vision of the designer.



HA: Which makeup item would never leave your bag under circumstance?

RM: Oh that’s difficult! I really wish I had flawless skin, so I need the magic of make up to even out my complexion. If it's one item then My Laura Mercier Secret camouflage  concealer.

Items I do love are:

TomFord Eyebrow pencil in Expresso

Kevin Aucoin Eyelash curler

Charlotte Tilbury blush in love glow

Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose

Trish McEnvoy in Duel Resort

Maybelline master drama liner in black

Make up forever Aqua black pot + brush

Tom Ford Beauty highlighter pen

Mac lipstick in Twig (Hala’s recommendation!)

My Laura Mercier Secret camouflage concealer number 5


HA: You’re stranded on an island - what’s in your handbag?

RM: My phone, my contact lenses, Crème de la Mer lip balm.


HA: Last but not least what’s a piece of advice for ladies that want to make it in the fast paced world of fashion PR and blogging?

RM: Just stay focused on the direction  you want to go regardless which field you want to go in.  Whether is baby steps or leaps you have to start somewhere.


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Rosemin Manji Co-hosts a party for ROLAND MOURET with Harvey Nichols

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