You think lip gloss protects your lips? Hala Ajam says: Think Again

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Your Gloss is Drying Out Your Lips

by | May 2015
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I've been hearing a lot of women asking me: "Why are my lips always dry and chapped? But I always use lip gloss! Isn't it supposed to moisturize my lips?"

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Ladies, I'm sorry to bust this myth, but gloss, in fact, dries out your lips.

Using gloss as a replacement of moisturizer is not a smart idea, because, simply, it doesn't work. I've got five quick ways you can take care of your lips to makr sure they're silky smooth again:


Lip Balm


There are tons of balms out there - a good lip balm is not something you can do without. Make sure you have one and that you're constantly using it.





You can't expect to stay moisturized without your daily intake of water. A lot of people miss this very basic point.



Make a Mix


A nice homemade remedy you can concoct is a honey/olive oil mixture. Apply it to your lips before going to bed, you will feel the silky smooth difference!



Who said cucumbers can only be pressed onto your eyes? Press them onto your lips to get their hydrating effect.



Shield those lips from the sun, some occasional moisturizing sunscreen will help protect your lips from dangerous sunrays.



Brush it Off


Before applying your lipstick, ladies, you can use a toothbrush to brush off your chapped lips to make sure you have the smooth base you need.

I hope this blog  has helped you ladies think twice about your lip-care regimen! Remember, you need to always be moisturized and healthy to create a perfect base for your makeup.


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