Hala Ajam sums up the top tips for the bride to be .

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Skin Talk: A Bride ’s Guide of Do’s and Don’ts

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A girl’s wedding is probably the most important event in her life. I’m pretty sure most of you have been planning it since you were little girls! It’s stressful, challenging, and can drive you to tears, but that’s what it takes to make sure the wedding turns out beautifully.


Between the right gown, the perfect venue, the perfect flower arrangements – things might get a little overwhelming – and more often than not, ladies will need to be reminded that their wedding pictures will last a lifetime! This is why making sure that your skin is absolutely flawless on your big day is just as important as every other element!  

It’s very important to avoid any reaction or inflammation makes sure you prep your skin six months before the wedding.

Don’t try anything new! Skin is sensitive, if you try something new such as laser hair removal, a new moisturizer, filler or Botox, you might stir up a reaction and you don’t want that!

Don’t remove hair with a string or wax—that may cause pimples; it’s not wise to do it very shortly before the wedding.

Don’t leave out any spots: make sure you remove hairs from all the areas of the face. Otherwise the foundation will look uneven. (Picture of uneven concealer)

Foundation will look blotchy and uneven on your face if the hairs are not removed equally from all areas, watch out!

Don’t overdo the skin peeling. Surely enough, peeling is a method that brides tend to resort to before their wedding, but be careful, overdoing it will make your skin shine in photos – and not in the good way!

Don’t risk it with food! Do you have any allergies? It’s the perfect time to pay attention to what foods might cause irritation. Avoid spicy foods that might spring up an outbreak or an unwanted reaction.

Don’t lay in the sun for hours right before the wedding. I’m sure you want that golden bronze tan, but lying in the sun just before your wedding might get you burned. Try avoiding the sun a whole week before the wedding. Any form of a burn could spoil your makeup.

Don’t think that tan lines can be covered up by makeup!

Don’t resort to heavy drinking before the wedding. Drinking will dehydrate your complexion and the makeup will not last throughout your wedding night. Avoid drinking right before you get your makeup done as well.

Do Drink a lot of water!

Do moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I cannot say it enough. But ladies, remember, use a moisturizer that you are used to and that you know your skin reacts positively to! As I mentioned, don’t experiment.

Ladies, it’s very important that you take into consideration all the tips I have mentioned in this post, it’s always such a shame for a bride-to-be to experience any form of skin issues right before her wedding because of poor planning. Remember, your wedding pictures will last a lifetime and you definitely want to look flawless for that! Good luck!

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